Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adding Image to the Folder Background In Winowd's XP

Have you ever wondered, how nice it would be to have a picture in the folder background? Now you don't have to wonder more because in this tutorial i am gona to let you have your favorite pic in the background of any folder you desire.

Open the folder in which you want to put the image in the background.

Make sure you have enabled the show hidden files option If not do so by going to

Tools>folder options>view> click the radio button show hidden files.

Now inside the folder look for desktop.ini if it is there good, but if it is not there make a one naming it desktop.ini using notepad.

Now add the following code to the desktop.ini file,

ICONAREA_IMAGE=location of the image file(it would be great if the file is in same folder)

Let me give you an example suppose the image name is girl.jpg and it is in the same folder, then,


After that save it and close it. If you have made the desktop.ini file make sure you have made it hidden. After that go to the folder properties in which you want the background image, click customize click change icon choose any icon you can later revert back to the previous icon
click ok and you are done now open the folder and you will see your image in the folder background.

You can also change the text color of the folder icons it is black by default.

to change it add the following code below the above code

ICONAREA_TEXT=0x00000000 (it is for black color)

Below i am giving Values of some other colors use it in place of "0x00000000"

255 (for Red color)
16711680 (for Blue color)
12632256 (for Grey color)
694822 (for Green Color)
16777215 (for White Color)
128 (for Dark Brown color)