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Friday, May 8, 2009

Delete An Undeleteable File

Many A times you come across files Which, When you try to delete they show up a message that the file cannot be deleted. Make sure it is not used by some program or the disk is full, Something like that. If you want to delete those files there is a simple tutorial below but before proceeding make sure that the file is of no use to u because once you Run the process of deleting it the file become useless.

If you are ready Then Follow the simple steps below:

1. Open The notepad.

2. Go to files>Save as.

3. locate the file you want to delete.

4. Click The file you want to delete so that its name appear in the "file name" Box.

5. Put Inverted Commas(") At the Start And At the end Of the File Name, Example Like You want to delete a file named Movie.avi so put it like this in the file name box "movie.avi"(including commas) Make sure you put the right extension after file name.

6. Click Save. It will ask Whether to over write the file Or not click yes.

7. Now you can delete the file.

This Method is also useful for virus or Trojan files as they usually are un-deleteable.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Submitting Your Blog To major Search Engines

Submitting Your Blog to major Search Engines is also A part of SEO That Is Search Engine Optimization. In my last post I described how to choose right keywords from where and how much,
Now in this tutorial i will tell you how to submit your Blog to major search engines.

The First thing i want you to do is to register an account with google.com as well as yahoo.com reason is simple they both Have a section in there users account to add your website to there search index.

1. First we will Be submitting our blog i.e; your blog to google.com :-

Simply type the following url to your address bar http://google.com/addurl.html

Remember: If you are submitting your blogger url that for the url given by the blogger avoid using "www" After "http://" Reason is simple as it is a subdomain to blogger it will create problem if used with "www". So if your url is example.blogspot.com use http://example.blogspot.com But if you have your own domain name you can use "www".

I recommend you to join http://google.com/webmasters you can add your blog there and it provides you with a lot of features like it will tell you which of your blog pages have been indexed by google.com how many sites are linking back to you, what are the keywords your site searched for what rank your site get for a particular keyword, Isn't it a great tool.

For Adding Your site there you must submit your blogs site map. A site map is noting but all the links inside the site. By default blogger have two site maps atom feed and rss feed address to these site maps are http://youblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml or http://yourblog.blogspot.com/rss.xml just replace the yourblog with the name of your blog.

2. Now we will submit our blog to yahoo.com

Just Type The Following url in Address bar http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit
Here you can submit your site url as well as your site feed.

3. Now We Move on to Msn.com

Just type the following url in address bar http://search.live.com/docs/submit.aspx

4. Ask.com

Ask.com accepts the site map of your site and thats good news

Just Replace yourblog to the name of your blog.

After Hitting enter the Following message will appear on your screen

Your Sitemap has been successfully received and added to our Sitemap queue.
Thank you for your submission!

Well i recommend you to submit your blog to some Directories as well just search for some free directoy listing they will list your blog in return for a link back to your site and that fair enough.